What is it?

The Midtown Bound Business Bond program is a new initiative of the Midtown Business Improvement District (BID) to get money into the hands of our Midtown businesses NOW in order to stay open during this tough time, while giving consumers a reason to come to Midtown and enjoy all we have to offer when they feel safe and ready to do so!

How does it work?

Midtown Bound Business Bonds work like a traditional savings bond. Consumers can buy a Business Bond from the Midtown BID website today – at a discounted rate – and redeem it for face value at a future maturity date (after 6/1/21). The Bonds are essentially a gift card that grows in value over time.

What does it cost me to participate?

There is NO COST to you as a business owner to participate in this program. The Midtown BID will subsidize the difference between the sales value and the maturity value of the Bond, and you’ll get paid immediately when a Bond is sold from our website. We will provide you with a weekly accounting of all Bonds sold for your business. Bonds will be sold in two different increments – $50 bonds for $40, and $100 bonds for $75.

How do I sign up?

Simply fill out the form below and send. We will then contact you to confirm details of your participation. For more information email Jamie Giellis at jamie@becentro.com

Midtown Bound Business Bond

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